Sunday, December 18, 2005


I must admit that Lorimar usually comes up with incredible online finds which he posts on his site, The New (Online) Confessions. Most recent of which is his God is Hired-Wired into the Human Brain about Andrew Newberg’s article published by Quantum Biocommunication Technology.

The following is an excerpt of Is Religion Rooted in the Human Brain?

Most secular thinkers believe that religion is an entirely psychological invention—born out of confusion and fear—to help us cope with the struggles of living and comforts us in the face of the terrible certainty that we will die. But researchers Andrew Newberg and Eugene d’Aquili offer a new explanation, at once profoundly simple and scientifically precise: the religious impulse is rooted in the biology of the human brain.

Newberg and d’Aquili base this revolutionary conclusion on a long-term investigation of brain function and behavior as well as studies they conducted using high-tech imaging techniques to peer into the brains of meditating Buddhists and Franciscan nuns at prayer. What they discovered was that intensely focused spiritual contemplation triggers an alteration in the activity of the brain that leads one to perceive transcendent religious experiences as solid, tangible reality. In other words, the sensation that Buddhists call "oneness with the universe" and the Franciscans attribute to the palpable presence of God is not a delusion, or subjective psychology, or simple wishful thinking. Rather, it is triggered by a chain of distinct neurological events that can be objectively observed, recorded, and actually photographed.

Read complete article…

Why God Won't Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief (Paperback)
By Andrew Newberg, Eugene d’Aquili and Vince Rause


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