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Sta. Cruz Church in Manila is hosting an exhibit in honor of its titular patroness, Nuestra Senora del Pilar (from October 1st to the 15th) inside the right adoration chapel as you enter through the church’s front doors at Plaza de Sta. Cruz.

On display is a remarkable array of antique artifacts — photographs, books, images, statuettes and other objects mostly on loan from various private and ecclesiastical collections. The first Nuestra Senora del Pilar statue was brought to Manila from Spain before 1768. The confraternity of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Manila was founded in this church in 1743.

Sta. Cruz Church was built and administered by the Jesuits up to 1768. At the end of the Seven Year War in Europe, the British ceremonially returned the City of Manila to Simon de Anda Y Salazar in 1764 on the church’s surrounding plaza.

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Blogger -= dave =- said...

From the title I thought you were going to blog about Our Lady of Peñafrancia. I really should blog about my fiesta experience albeit one month late. But before that, I will post first my Milenyo entry. Haven't finished transcribing it yet though, electricity came back to our place last Saturday only, believe it or not.

October 09, 2006 4:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, what does "Pilar" mean though?

And I love the pictures, they're awesome!


October 09, 2006 8:23 PM  

Blogger Analyse said...

ow, it's block rosary month in the phils, right?

October 10, 2006 4:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our city (zamboanga) is celebrating Fiesta Pilar this October 12. It's a wonder that the fiest of virgin Mary is always celebrated on October. Maybe there's a historical basis to this.

October 10, 2006 5:35 AM  

Blogger Sidney said...

Major Tom:
The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was first kept in thanksgiving for a naval victory at Lepanto in 1571.

The Dominican friars in Manila advised the sailors to prepare for battle by praying the Rosary and doing penance. So, hoping to repel the Dutch, the sailors took Our Lady of the Rosary, La Virgen de la Naval, as their patron. After five naval skirmishes between March 15 and October 4, the Dutch fleet sailed away. October 8th, 1646, was then designated as a day to give thanks to God by honoring Our Lady of the Rosary.

Too bad I mixed the dates and I didn't saw LA NAVAL Procession in Quezon City.
Next year na lang...

October 10, 2006 1:09 PM  

Blogger Sidney said...

But in Zamboanga probably because October 12 was the day Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492.

October 10, 2006 1:16 PM  

Blogger Señor Enrique said...

I would love to do a feature on Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Dave but only if I had personally attended the feast myself. I promised myself that I will do more local travel for the new year.

It means "pillar," Kyels, but I'm sure there may be a more significant meaning to it; I just don't know it, though.


I've seen a couple recently, Analyse, plus a big procession last Sunday -- feast of Sto. Domingo, I believe.

Maybe one of our fellow bloggers who knows more about our religious feasts will enlighten us somehow, Major Tom.

October 10, 2006 1:20 PM  

Blogger Señor Enrique said...

Wow! Thanks for the information, Sidney.

I did see a La Naval banner on Quezon City's Welcome landmark at Quezon Boulevard, but had no idea where exactly it starts.

I saw a large procession last Sunday and thought it might be Sto. Domingo's.

October 10, 2006 1:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful photos eric. there're so much to see and do over there.

do you prefer living in manila (qc) or new york?

October 10, 2006 1:39 PM  

Blogger Sidney said...

Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Be careful because all the hotel rooms seem to be booked months in advance. I informed one month in advance and everything was allready fully booked.
Sleeping in Legaspi or a city before Naga might be a better option. But then you need your own transportation to arrive early in the morning.
As always it is quite a challenge to be sure what is happening when and where.
But this is definitely on my to do list. Tell me if you go next year. We might try to join forces...

October 10, 2006 2:36 PM  

Blogger Señor Enrique said...

As of now I'm enjoying Manila living, Milkphish. Honestly speaking, despite each city's ups and downs, I equally enjoy both. It migh have to do with the fact that when I came home to Manila, I was truly ready to enjoy it -- blemish and all :)


October 12, 2006 5:03 PM  

Blogger Señor Enrique said...

Lately I have been longing to explore my mom's home province of Bicol, Sidney.

Okay, I'll try to be more aware of the feast months in advance for next year and will coordinate with you about any travel plans. Thanks!

October 12, 2006 5:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pillar (English) and Pilar (Filipino and Spanish), are both acceptable.

As the story goes, on the night that Mary appeared to Saint James, she was standing on a pillar (haliging bato). When Mary disappeared, the pillar remained on the same spot. And on that spot, Saint James build a church in honor of Mary. That is the reason behind the title, 'Our Lady of the Pillar.'

Our Lady of the Pillar (OLP) feast day, according to the liturgical calendar is really on October 12. However, for our church here in Manila, traditionally, we celerate the Fiesta and hold the procession on the 3rd Sunday of October. Probably, to accomodate more churchgoers and devotees.

Hope, I have answered some of your questions.

God Bless.

Imelda 'Enda' Baria
Parish Information Officer
Parish Pastoral Council
Sta. Cruz Parish
Sta. Cruz, Manila

October 20, 2008 4:05 PM  

Blogger Señor Enrique said...

Thank you very much, Imelda. Your insight is highly appreciated :)

October 21, 2008 9:59 AM  

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