Saturday, December 17, 2005


Regardless of our complaints about the country’s gloomy economics, there’ll still be a Christmas party or two to attend, or as what Conrado de Quiros would refer to as “an existential hazard in this country at this time of year.”

And we all know what are usually at these parties — glorious foods!

But for those who prefer to stick to their disciplined and sensible eating habits or maintain their current weight, here are some worthwhile tips I’ve learned from friends, as well as from some online fitness gurus:

* Delight on interacting with your friends and relatives more so than with the buffet table. Make the people as your priority instead of the lechon and leche flan.

* Do not arrive at any of these gatherings famished. Plan ahead by munching on protein-rich snacks like boiled eggs or a piece of chicken, and drink plenty of water so you will have that feeling of fullness not starvation when you get to a party.

* If it’s pot-luck-style party, aside from the usual dish you intend to bring, add a hefty bowl of fresh vegetable salad, some protein-rich and salt-free nuts, and fresh fruit.

* Be mindful of those alcoholic drinks because of the sugar they contain. Better yet, stick to water.

* Do not claim any particular chair or part of a sofa as your personal territory. Get off your butt and mingle, mingle and mingle!

* If there’s music and dancing, well, by all means jump into the festive celebration and dance away the calories you had just consumed.

* Do not be tempted to bring home doggy-bags of those delicious but fattening foods because you’ll end up eating them when you get home.

* Resist the temptation to indulge in sweets or to have more than one serving.

Ah, but what the heck! It’s the holiday season, go and have fun!

Photo was taken at the prepared foods section of Suki Market at Mayon Street in Quezon City. For a fee, they will also cook any fresh meat or seafood that you purchase from the market's stalls.


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