Friday, December 21, 2007


Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

From Manila, wishing your Holiday Season be graced with a glorious miracle!


posted by Señor Enrique at 7:39 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe that Christmas has some kind of healing power.

I love these lines:
"Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow"

Thank you for your Christmas wish to us your readers, Eric. May it be the same unto you. :)

December 21, 2007 9:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you... All the best in 2008 !

December 21, 2007 9:04 PM  

Blogger Migs Bassig said...

Manila City Hall, at night, is always photogenic - due, perhaps, to the quaint quality of its architecture. And that huge Christmas tree is beautiful in its "understated-ness". Mall trees are way too fancy.

A very merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Senor!

December 21, 2007 9:14 PM  

Blogger Aura said...

For a while i thought i was looking into one of the christmas photos i posted yesterday..Thanks for the lovely words,very appropriate to what im feeling right now.

Wishing you too a Merry,Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to come!!!

Btw,hope you dont mind that i´ll copy and post the same lyrics in my blog:)

Best Wishes!!

December 21, 2007 11:39 PM  

Blogger Photo Cache said...

Back at you senor and to all your faithful readers and may I add, may we all have a grace-laden New Year!

December 22, 2007 1:17 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad Señor Enrique

December 22, 2007 6:04 AM  

Blogger reyd said...

Merry Christmans and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

And also to everyone here, have a very safe Holiday Season.

December 22, 2007 10:04 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your photo chronicles of daily life in Manila. I have been away for 20 years and your pictures just bring back so many memories...

December 22, 2007 3:10 PM  

Blogger carlotta1924 said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Señor Enrique! =)

December 22, 2007 6:30 PM  

Blogger nutart said...

quite a poignant song for me!

Merry Christmas, Senor Enrique! May your Christmas be bright!

December 23, 2007 5:53 PM  

Blogger -= dave =- said...

Merry Christmas Señor E!

December 23, 2007 11:07 PM  

Blogger Gita Asuncion said...

merry merry xmas to you and your family! thank you for everything you have shared with us thru your blog. you are one of the great influences that inspired me to start a blog of my own. and you have given me the encouragement to go on. thanks, friend!
from my little dolls and me, (by the way, 22 na sila, senor! hindi ko nga lang mapagkasya sa screen so i picked only the 6 cutest ones, hehehe) we wish you a merry christmas and a blessed new year ahead!

December 24, 2007 9:51 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon, Eric! Have a great celebration with your family and friends!


December 24, 2007 9:53 AM  

Blogger pusa said...

wishing you a merry christmas from the bottom of meow heart. mwahhhh

December 24, 2007 9:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Canada wishing you a merry christmas eric :)

December 24, 2007 1:50 PM  

Blogger ScroochChronicles said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an even happier New Year!!


December 24, 2007 2:40 PM  

Blogger Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

great pictures, as always ;)

Merry Christmas!!

December 24, 2007 9:33 PM  

Blogger Unknown said...

I think this Christmas song has one of the best lyrics.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year, Eric!

December 24, 2007 11:18 PM  

Blogger ipanema said...

A blessed, merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Eric! :)

December 25, 2007 7:42 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A merry Christmas to you and your loved one Eric.

December 25, 2007 10:28 AM  

Blogger Heart of Rachel said...

Those are beautiful photos! The merry lights of every Christmas tree is always a delight to the eyes. Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

December 25, 2007 10:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spirited Christmas greetings, maski na sabit lang ako.
When you revisit your old hunting ground in New York, stop by LA and the drink is on me. You've got a great blog. I enjoy visiting - keep it up. Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007 10:30 AM  

Blogger jon go said...

a very merry christmas and a happy new year to you eric! i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog!

December 25, 2007 11:35 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have beautiful photos as usual. Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

December 25, 2007 5:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the excellent photos you have shared with us all throughout the years.

Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2007 12:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A blessed CHRISTmas Eric... nice night shot...

December 26, 2007 7:49 AM  

Blogger mgaputonimimi said...

merry christmas po!!!!!! and a blessed new year!!!!!

have a great life!!! ^_^

December 26, 2007 4:39 PM  

Blogger Ebb Tide said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Thanks for the Christmas greeting from Manila. Wish I am there! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope we continue to be good blog-mates in the comming New Year. I am back home but didn't go to another cruise. Was in Pacifica
(close to S.F.) for almost 2 weeks.. Yes, I did some water color painting with my grandkids. They live up on the hill and we painted those beautiful mountain view by the dining room.

December 27, 2007 5:51 AM  

Blogger DJ said...

Merry Christmas Señor E.

December 27, 2007 6:31 AM  

Blogger Cathy B said...

A blessed Chrsitmas Eric! Thank you for stopping by... May you and your photos continue to be an inspiration to us in 2008! God bless :)

December 27, 2007 3:17 PM  

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