Sunday, November 06, 2005


Evil is the absence of light. The remedy for evil is presence.

When you hate, you bring that suffering to yourself. Hatred of evil affects the one who hates. It makes him a hateful person, a person who has also absented from light.

Understanding evil as the absence of light does not require you to become passive, or to disregard evil actions or behavior. It is appropriate to do what you can to challenge it, but if there’s no compassion in your heart also for those who abuse or oppress — for those who have no compassion — do you not become like them?

Compassion is being moved to and by acts of the heart, to and by the energy of love. If you strike without compassion against the darkness, you yourself enter the darkness.

A compassionate heart is most effective against evil for it can engage evil directly by bringing light where there was no light.

Understanding evil as the absence of light requires you to examine the choices that you make each moment in terms of whether they move you toward the light or away from it. It allows you to look with compassion upon those who engage in evil activities, even as you challenge their activities, and thus protects you from the creation of karma. It makes you see that the place to begin the task of eliminating evil is within yourself. This is the appropriate response to evil.

Gary Zukav


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